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Covenant Culture Network 

Our Story 

Covenant Culture Network LLC was founded in 2021 by our CEO Lynita M. Capler. We are addressing the world's current mental illness crisis brought on by Covid-19 by eliminating stigma and impacting culture. We do this by inserting Christ into the equation. Support our effort to bring Christ-focused mental health services to the body of Christ.

Image by Nitish Meena

"Impact mental health culture by inserting Christ while providing access to believers who want

Jesus, Prayer, & Therapy."

Our Mission

CEO & Founder 

 Lynita Capler is a Social Worker by profession.  She has been serving the community by working with youth and families in the child welfare and justice system for six years.

Lynita strives to put her best effort forward whenever she can to show others they can accomplish their heart's desires, especially with a relationship with Christ.
She is passionate about God, family, mental health, love, and justice for others.
Lynita is the host of My Mirror's Testimony, a Faith-based encouragement podcast that airs on Facebook and Youtube. She has most recently begun her weight loss journey vlog titled Shedding 2 Become. She will be launching her Faith-based mental health directory  Covenant Culture Network in 2022.
She is a firm believer that Christ is still the solution for society's ills, and she takes every opportunity she can to bring him to the forefront of her work and impact. 

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